Do angels really exist…?

2019-12-15 in Web Design

On our drive from the north of Spain to Malaga in the south, we stopped for lunch in the outskirts of the old city of Toledo. This was in the early 2000’s, at a time when we were going through an extremely challenging phase in our lives. We parked our car on top of a hill and walked down a long cobblestone street towards the cafes and restaurants.

As we drew closer, we noticed an old lady, dressed in a long, black gown, wearing a black head scarf, crouched over from age, slowly walking with the help of her walking stick, past scores of people seated at the tables outside the cafes. She wasn’t begging, but it appeared as though she was hoping someone would offer her help. 

I suggested to Karima that we give her some money, and so we walked over and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.  She turned and looked at us with a warmth that neither of us had ever experienced before. Her face was fair skinned, wrinkled and tired. I put all the cash I had in my pocket into her palm, and what we saw next was absolutely remarkable. Her face became radiant and all her wrinkles disappeared. She looked young, beautiful and fresh, as she smiled at both of us from her soul. She gave Karima a hug and a kiss and told her she was very beautiful. Next, she looked at me with immense love in her eyes, and gave me the warmest hug. She then bade us farewell and began to slowly plod along. A moment later, we turned around to look at her one more time, and she had vanished!! It was impossible for her to disappear in such a wide open area…

We had both been blessed by this beautiful soul…and soon after, our circumstances changed for the better and since then, we have gone from strength to strength. To this day, we both remember our angel in Toledo with great fondness, and know deep down in our hearts, that she had appeared before us to help us through our most difficult moments…yes, I believe angels do exist.
©Amyn Dahya

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