You can be the conductor of the orchestra rather than spectator…

2019-11-30 in Web Design

A very dear friend of mine, who owns a souvenir shop in a famous tourist bazaar, shared with me the trauma he had suffered for years at the hands of his neighbour, who was a direct competitor in the same line of business. Each time my friend walked past his neighbour’s shop, the man hurled curses and insults at him, using extreme profanity against his deceased parents.  These insults infuriated my friend and made him deeply miserable, ruining his days at work and evenings with his family. It was a very unhealthy situation.

I proposed that he change his approach and use his power of thought to end this nightmarish chapter of his life. I suggested to him, “Each time your neighbour curses you, look into his eyes, smile, and say, ‘God bless you’. Forgive his ignorance from your heart and soul, and through meditative thought, create on aura of positive energy around you, wishing him nothing but good…”

After a bit of an internal struggle, my friend adopted this positive mind shift. His aggressor was totally shocked to receive repeated blessings in exchange for his insults. After a few days, he backed off totally and actually became civil towards my friend. Several months later, circumstances transpired that led his neighbour to sell his shop and move to another area. The whole saga ended peacefully for everyone.

My dear friends, we all have this gift: the power of thought, through which we can effect positive changes in our lives and relationships. When thoughts of fire are met with fire, we create infernos that burn everyone and everything. However, when fire encounters cool water, it gets completely extinguished. It all depends on how we use our power of thought...

And talking about infernos, I urge you all, my dear friends, to unite and use your powers of positive thought, to help bring an end to the Amazon fires that are destroying the precious lungs that of our Mother Earth has endowed us with. The custodians of the Amazon forests and their interest groups, who resemble the abusive neighbour in the tourist bazaar, desperately need our positive thoughts to enable a shift in their consciousness, that will encourage them to drop their greedy and egoistic agendas and join hands with the international community to bring a swift end to this disaster of the millennium… 
©Amyn Dahya

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