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2019-09-12 in Web Design

A week before our summer vacation in 1975, two of my best friends and I met at our college in the UK to plan our holiday together in Kenya. They both travelled to Mombasa three days before me and when I arrived, I learned from my father at the airport that they had both been involved in a car crash after a party, and that one of them had passed on. I completely froze with disbelief – this was the first time I had encountered the finality of death, because until that day, I believed we were all invincible and death was not even an option on any of my horizons…

I remember visiting his grave frequently that summer and trying to come to terms with the reality of never being able to see him again. “You are not supposed to be lying here. That was never the plan…”, I kept saying to him repeatedly. When I reflect on this experience today, it is abundantly clear to me that there can be no absolute plan where life is concerned. I recently read a beautiful post that said, “People who died yesterday had plans for today. People who died this morning had plans for tonight…”

My dear friends, life affords us only one certainty, which is the present. It is a beautiful path we walk on, from moment to moment, seeking to experience life at its fullest.  Let go, and forgive the past, for it is the mud on your path that can cause you to fall.  Give up your fears and worries of events that may or may not transpire in the future, for they are boulders that can restrict you. Make your path of the present crystal clear, and free of obstruction, so that you may experience every moment to its maximum, soaking in the precious gift of life and all its experiences. When you take your final step in this world, I pray it be one of happiness, fulfilment and absence of regrets, with celebration of a life well lived… 
©Amyn Dahya
Have a blessed week ahead my dear friends, filled with happy and memorable moments with your loved ones...

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