What is the ultimate fate of the ego…?

2019-06-04 in Web Design

Many years ago, I participated in meetings with an Asian delegation to discuss a project involving provision of safe drinking water to villages with high infant mortality. It was definitely a challenging project, whose impact in the long run was significant from a health care perspective. At the end our meetings, as I was about to depart, the head of the delegation smiled, bid me a safe journey and said, “when this project is done, we will build a statue in your honour.” 

“Heavens no!” I replied, to his surprise. “Have you seen what happens to statues? They stand tall and alone, with pigeons constantly crapping on their heads…that’s not how I wish to end up!” Everyone laughed…

My dear friends, rather than spend perpetuity in the company of pigeons, which is nothing more than fuel for the ego, I believe the best form of recognition is derived by being like the unseen wind that enjoys every moment of its existence, while propelling so many along their journeys. The wind can be powerful or gentle, knowing no fortune nor fame, except for the realization that its presence is vital to this world… 
©Amyn Dahya

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