The Circle of Gratitude does complete itself…even years later

2018-12-16 in Web Design

When our daughter Raheena was 10 years old, her best friend Jenny, who also was a daughter to us, was sadly afflicted with Leukaemia. Karima and I tried our best to help Raheena deal with this devastating situation in as positive and nurturing a manner as we could. Both girls were inseparable, like soul twins, and their tender little shoulders were always available to one another to lean upon, no matter how bad things got.

By God’s grace, Jenny recovered fully but in the process, her body took a heavy beating from chemotherapy. One thing that remained with Raheena to this day was how upset Jenny got when she lost all her hair. Now, twenty years later, she has decided to donate something she treasures dearly … her long, dark, silky hair, to make wigs for financially disadvantaged children, who are medically in a similar boat as Jenny was. On Thursday, August 29, 2019, Raheena will get together with friends and colleagues, and cut half of her hair as an offering of deep gratitude for Jenny, and for the blessings she has received in her life to date.

Raheena has worked and volunteered in the domestic violence and rape crisis sectors for many years. She has witnessed heartbreakingly difficult situations and been able to support people in their time of incredible need. Out of gratitude for the opportunity to serve in this area, and knowing how much good can be achieved, she is also raising money for domestic violence and rape crisis organisations. Karima and I would deeply appreciate whatever support you can offer towards this campaign, from financial donations to sending positive thoughts and prayers for Jenny, survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and Raheena on the 29th of August.

As parents, we are humbled to watch the circle of gratitude complete itself before our eyes. My dear friends, I wish and pray that you may all experience completion of the circles of gratitude in your lives, in whatever form they may take, and be rewarded always with abundance and happiness…

@Amyn Dahya

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