Life’s most memorable lesson, learned at the top of the world…

2019-02-28 in Web Design

In 2011, a group of twenty-five of us climbed up Mount Everest to a plateau site, approximately one-days walk before Base Camp. It was a small, flat area, surrounded by  spectacular, snow-capped peaks that sprung up from an endless valley, carving magnificent shades of green and blue into the horizon. The place was absolutely breath taking. 

Our journey began in the town of Lukla, where we were joined by a team of Sherpas; young men who helped carry our belongings and kept us safe along the three-day climb up to our destination. They also brought several horses with them for back up. At the time, I was recovering from an ankle injury, which required me to use crutches. Two of the Sherpas helped me along the journey, practically lifting me up some of the very narrow, steep and rocky segments. They were the most good-natured beings I had ever encountered, who did everything with a smile, assisting each one of us even before they were asked to.
When we reached our destination, the Sherpas joined us on the final silent dawn walk to the chosen site, where we were to perform the global S.H.I.F.T meditation for climate preservation and world peace. We were joined by groups of like-minded people from around the world, who congregated in their home areas to participate in this important event in spirit. The daybreak meditation at the top of the world, amidst the most pristine and vibrant expressions of nature, was an exceptionally memorable experience; something we will all carry in our hearts forever.

As we commenced our descent after the meditation, the Sherpas asked to speak with us all, as a group. They brought the horses with them for this unique meeting. Each of them came forth, gave us a hug, and sought forgiveness for any of their failings and shortcomings during the journey…leaving us absolutely speechless! These beautiful young beings had carried our burdens, stayed up nights, stood by us when we were tired, and risked their lives to keep us safe as we traversed the narrow paths along the steep edges of the mountain. Here they were, seeking forgiveness, where we should have been the ones seeking theirs…This was amongst the most powerful experiences of our journey, where we learned humility in its purest sense, from the soul. It was a tearful event as we followed suit by thanking them and the horses, and seeking their forgiveness for our sometimes demanding and unknowingly insensitive requests, amongst everything else… 

We had finally understood the secret of the Sherpa’s strength, that enables them to traverse the Everest, week in and week out. If only we could emulate a small part of that in our daily lives…      
©Amyn Dahya

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