Can your seemingly simple conversations impact thousands worldwide….?

2018-10-20 in Web Design

A woman in Los Angeles sees her sister’s husband Michael, having lunch with a gorgeous woman, who, unbeknown to her, is his childhood friend visiting the city en-route to Europe. It is a perfectly innocent situation. That evening, she calls her sister and insinuates that Michael is having an affair. The sister is heartbroken and refuses to speak to her husband that night. In the morning, they have a huge row and despite all Michael’s pleas of innocence, she refuses to believe him. He drives to the airport furious and has an accident on the highway, causing a significant traffic congestion, delaying countless people commuting to work at that hour. He arrives at the airport four hours late and since he is the captain of a jumbo jet flight to Singapore, some five hundred passengers on his plane are also delayed, resulting in endless phone calls and texts to rearrange schedules, meetings, connecting flights etc. in Asia. Between the road accident and his delayed flight, Michael ends up impacting at least a hundred thousand people or more, in small and large ways. 

Did Michael’s sister in law have any idea that her accusations would have such a drastic impact on so many people around the world..?

My dear friends, every thought, word and action of ours can have far reaching implications on the lives of numerous people around the planet, in ways we can barely start to imagine…so let wisdom and consideration prevail, always.
©Amyn Dahya

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