What lessons can we learn from bees…?

2021-02-03 in Web Design

The answers to life’s most complex questions often lie with Mother Nature…. 

There was once a family of bees who belonged to the Apple orchard clan, whose role was to pollinate the apple trees and produce honey from their nectar. Unfortunately, this orchard was not doing very well. Pollination was at an all-time low, as was the honey production, and the farmer was seriously considering getting rid of the beehive and re-planting the orchard with new trees. By contrast, the Pear orchard on the same farm was doing extremely well, thriving with fruits and pear honey.

One year prior, a bee from the Apple orchard maliciously picked a fight with a bee from the Pear orchard. The Apple bee stung the Pear bee numerous times, planting several sharp barbs (spikes) in its back, causing extreme pain to its poor neighbour. Remarkably, the Pear bee did not fight back, nor stick any barbs into the Apple bee. Now, a year later, the two bees faced each other once again.   

The Apple bee was very envious of the Pear bees, who thrived in abundance. “How is it that your clan produces so much fruit and honey while we shrivel each day? It is not fair! You are all a bunch of cowards because you did not dare sting me back during our duel, which I clearly won that day.”

The Pear bee replied, “You stuck numerous painful spikes in my back, but when I returned to my hive, my friends and I removed each one of them, leaving no part of you, nor your cruelty, in my being. As each spike came off, I forgave you, as did my clan, until we had forgiven and detached from you completely, leaving us at peace to enjoy the nectar of the pear flowers, pollinate the orchard, and produce the best yields of fruit and honey for the farmer. By the way, I did not sting you back nor stick more barbs in you that day, because your back was already full of them, from other Apple bees. You all live with spikes in your backs, constantly consumed with anger and pain. How could you possibly pollinate your orchard or enjoy its nectar? You have not learned to forgive, and therefore, your world continues to shrivel each day. I suggest that when you return to your hive, remove all the spikes off each other’s backs and forgive freely, so you can rid yourselves of hurt and anger, and get back to enjoying your lives in this beautiful apple orchard. There is still hope that you and your trees can be saved…”

My dear friends, forgiveness is a genuine power we can all harness to gain freedom, happiness and detachment from our pains and sorrows. Let’s consider practicing the advice of the Pear bees today for renewed health, happiness, abundance and peace…”

©ï¸Amyn Dahya

 Have a blessed week ahead my dear friends, filled with good health, happiness, and protection from all harm.

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