What makes you feel empowered…?

2021-08-15 in Web Design

What makes you feel empowered…?

Some 35 years ago, I survived a near-fatal motorcycle accident where I was hurled into the air at 80 km/h and landed on the road, completely unscathed. While I was in the air, looking at the bike in flames below me, time suddenly stood still…there was a very beautiful, nurturing, loving energy, like that of a deeply affectionate mother, that held me and placed me on the roadside as gently as if I were a baby. My whole life changed from that moment onwards…new doors of inspiration and understanding kept opening each day, bringing wisdom and confidence as I had never experienced before. The simple knowledge of the fact, that I am never alone…and that the greatest love of the Universe is with me every moment, dispels all fears and makes me feel truly empowered…

©️ Amyn Dahya

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