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2020-04-15 in Web Design

My dear friends, as we watch the current global crisis unfolding, redefining humanity like never before, I ask myself some basic questions: “How have we survived to date as a species? How have we managed to fight all the powerful viruses and bacteria that invade us regularly? How come we don’t even know about the fact that we may have been saved from serious illnesses had they been allowed to manifest?

I have always marveled at the scientific and engineering excellence that has gone into the design of the human body. Only an intellect that is more powerful than any human intelligence I am aware of, could have yielded such a marvelous creation. My goal is not to open up a debate on creation but, rather to recognize that if we have been built with such perfection, we may already have mechanisms available within our bodies to protect and heal ourselves from COVID 19.

The word antibody warms up my heart – antibodies are our best friends in times of crisis such as this. I read with much interest about how some forty people who tested positive for COVID 19 but never developed any symptoms, had already manufactured antibodies within their bodies to neutralize the impact of the virus. This gave me a great deal of hope. When our dear friends from the medical community advise us to build upon our immune system, they are absolutely spot on. Therefore, in addition to social distancing, let us pay particular heed to our diets and lifestyles to ensure that whatever we do helps positively reinforce the strength of our immune system, and strictly avoid anything that suppresses it.
We have been blessed with an awe-inspiring body – lets help it in every way we can to stay safe and healthy. Thank God for antibodies…

©Amyn Dahya
Stay blessed always, my dear friends.

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