The 3 visions of change…what were they?

2019-08-18 in Web Design

Change is a natural phenomenon that occurs either, independently or consciously, driven by power of thought.  Joined by millions around the world on November 3rd 2019, we sat in concentration, facing the Antarctic from the southernmost tip of Chile, to nurture change in our world, from anchoring peace, to preservation of our environment and climate.

Viewing our world of today from such a pristine vantage point, brought a rarely encountered sense of clarity. What were the three most profound visions of change that were seen …?  A world of tomorrow, with a new generation at its helm, endowed with hope, wisdom, a balance between material and spiritual well-being, and an ardent sense of environmental care. A world transcending greed, inequity, and polarisation, relegating the ways of today to a distant past. A world where the truth once again regains its place as a core value of humanity. What an invigorating vision that was, filled with aspirations we can all embrace to nurture this change.

It is our honour to share “Be good to her”, a magical, musical tribute to Mother Earth, by Alisha Popat and Bruce Rooke, in celebration of the November 3rd
2019 SHIFT  where millions from around the world joined us in anchoring world peace and seeking preservation of our environment and climate. Stay blessed always, our dear friends.
©Amyn Dahya

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