How can one discover abundance…?

2020-02-03 in Web Design

“My life has been one constant struggle”, she said. I have been seeking abundance in all its aspects, from wealth to love, security, friendship, fulfilment and more. I have read about the Laws of Attraction and many other beautiful concepts, but I still believe I am missing something…what would that be?”

I remarked, “Abundance is an infinite river within which we flow, drawing all our needs and giving back to our fellow creation. Every droplet of this river is a precious blessing that seeks to be recognized and appreciated. Whilst abundance can be limitless, it is not about having lots of everything. It is about being truly content with what you have and what you continue to receive.”

“Consider a parent with two children. One is always grateful and appreciative of whatever she receives and the other just takes with no reaction at all – just oblivion. While all children may be equal in the eyes of a parent,  which one of the two brings greater joy to the process? Which one of them is more likely to flow with the river of abundance?  

“We live in a world where we are bombarded with so much that we fail to recognize the precious blessings that come our way each moment. We have taken them for granted. We take the people in our lives for granted, as we do the clean air, water, and all the resources we consume. Just imagine for a moment what life would be like without them? Don’t we have so much to be grateful for…? 

Gratitude is the force that drives the river of abundance. I learned many years ago that nothing in this world is my right to have – everything is a precious gift to be cherished. I began to notice the beautiful and extraordinary little blessings that come my way every moment, filling my heart with awe and gratitude. I learned to flow with the river of abundance…with gratitude as my oars.”
©Amyn Dahya

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