The 6 levels of consciousness that define each of us…

2020-03-10 in Web Design

Many of us have read and heard about how we are defined by our level of consciousness. Here is a brief summary of the different schools of thought – which one(s) of them do you live in…?

The first level is where “Life happens to you”. You are a powerless victim of events, circumstances and the actions of everyone else, but yourself. Accepting this level without trying to break past it creates events that perpetuate the victim syndrome. You seek sympathy from everyone for your state of being…

The second level is where “Life happens irrespective of you.” You are so engrossed in your own self that you fail to recognise and take in all the beautiful experiences that are occurring around you. Life just passes you by and you wonder how time flew past you so fast..?

The third level is where “Life happens because of you”. This is where the ego prevails, creating a misplaced confidence that you are the cause of everything that happens. This is a conceited state of existence, filled with insecurity and the need for constant validation in everything. All credit in life is due to you… 

The fourth level of consciousness is where “Life happens through you”. You are self- aware and use your power of thought consciously to chart the course ahead, like a canoe that flows in a river, using your oars to navigate safely, aware of every rock, tree and landscape that you journey through. 

The fifth level is where “Life happens with you.” You are in harmony with yourself at the material and spiritual level, appreciating fully every element of the human experience you are here for. You are at peace with life including everyone and everything within it. People feel at ease, happy and tranquil in your presence…because you embody them. You are fulfilled and grateful for every little gift of experience.

The sixth level of consciousness is where “You are life itself”. You are enlightened and have recognised your place in the source of everything in all the universes. You are totally humbled by this recognition and the purpose of your existence has now evolved to giving a great deal more than you take. You are past the human experience. You are a beacon of light to everyone… 

We can all live in multiple levels of consciousness until we reach the fifth level. Our goal ought to be  to rise in consciousness using our power of thought…
©Amyn Dahya

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